Monday, September 24, 2012

mobile website

It seems to be the way things are headed, on a hand-held device in addition to a full-size screens. A current website client came to me for my opinion of a mobile website service trying to get their business. Via Skype, I sat in on a meeting with a sales rep from the company. What they were offering seemed expensive for what my client would get. There was an initial set-up fee plus a monthly fee that equaled what they were paying for their current web services. My big complaint was there was no way to integrate information between the full website I had designed and the mobile website. They were basically 2 separate things that had to be maintained separately. I just knew there would end up being discrepancies between the 2, and if it had anything to do with prices, customers could be very unhappy.

My client decided it wasn't worth the monthly cost, but I knew they were interested in the service. I decided to dedicate some time to seeing if I could navigate the code needed to make a mobile site work. Luckily you can find a lot of information in a Google search. Here's the end result. Check it out on your mobile device at

mobile website for Dingle House