Monday, June 22, 2009

flower illustrations

I have enjoyed working on some illustrations lately of my new favorite subject matter, flowers from my garden. The daffodils are actually from a neighbor's yard but I hope to remedy that for next spring.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

design making life easier

I am a very organized person and appreciate anything that can make my life easier. Several years ago I developed a grocery store list. It contains the items I regularly buy and it is organized by where they're located in the store where I shop and how I go through the store. Each time I move and change stores the list gets tweaked. Extra spaces under each category leave room to write in additional items.

To save on paper and toner, each letter size sheet fits 3 lists. To save on time, there are 2 cut lines to follow with a pair of scissors (less exact but quicker than a ruler and x-acto, who cares if your shopping list has crooked edges). Along with being a list of what to buy at the store, it is also a check list of what to look for in the pantry or fridge before I go to the store. There's nothing worse than getting back from the store and realizing you are out of something.