Wednesday, June 15, 2011

restaurant menus

These two menus were designed for Dingle House Pub & Grub. The first features their lunch menu on the front and dessert menu on the back. It is an upgrade from their previous lunch and dessert menus, which were typeset by a restaurant employee and printed on a home printer. The staff complained that they got wrinkled and stained with food and were easily ruined. These have been laminated to preserve them longer. The second menu features their wine list on the front and spirits on the back.

[printed full color; finished size 6" x 9"; laminated]

The photos of the desserts were provided by the pub. They were taken with a good quality camera and with a good eye for composition. The lighting conditions in the pub were not ideal, so the colors were not so appetizing. I was able to manipulate them to showcase how fantastic these foods are.
before on left, after on right

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