Monday, July 30, 2012

pub menus and coupons

These 2 small projects were completed earlier this spring for my Irish pub client. The first is a new seasonal menu to replace the outdated menus I created last fall/winter. I started this project last summer with the first seasonal menu.
Spring Summer 2012
[printed full color; finished size 6" x 14"]
Fall Winter 2011
[printed full color; finished size 6" x 14"]
Summer 2011
[printed full color; finished size 6" x 14"]

The other quick project is a sheet of coupons to be left at the lobbies local hotels. I created an editable pdf so the client can update the sheet themselves in the future with Adobe Reader, print as many as they want on a laser printer and cut them out. By providing a pdf, I can control what parts of the page can be changed, in this case only the copy. If I had created this in a more common program, like Microsoft Word, there was the potential for other aspects of the design being changed.
coupon sheet
[printed full color; finished size 8.5" x 11"]

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