Tuesday, August 7, 2012

flyers and more flyers

Since the spring I've worked on several different flyer projects for Cintas. They have sales representatives all over the country, so often the most cost-effective way for them to distribute these customized flyers is for them to email high resolution pdf files to the reps and have them print the flyers as they are needed on office laser printers.

The first flyer was used to promote custom websites, which they offer to their customers to make the ordering process easier.
Custom Website flyer
[pdf, 8.5" x 11"]

The second flyer featured a selection of shoes available to a certain customer. These flyers could be distributed to individual workers to aid in ordering.
Footwear flyer
[pdf, 8.5" x 11"]

The third pair of flyers featured Flame Resistant clothing and Arc Flash rated safety gear. The sales representatives wanted to be able to customize the flyers with their contact information, so I provided a pdf with an editable region. Each individual rep can open the flyer in Reader and alter the copy in the box on the bottom right.
Flame Resistant Clothing flyer, Arc Flash Safety Gear flyer
[editable pdf, 8.5" x 11"]

This last series of flyers was also sent out as pdfs. They each detail the features of one particular shoe, including safety features.
Shoe Spec Sheets
[pdf, 8.5" x 11"]

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